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Adult Circumcision


Hello i was circumcised one day ago and things have been going fine. i have been laying in bed naked all day, boners weren’t to hard to manage and have been using the restroom fine. i was wondering if i can just keep being naked and wait for kertalization to happen because it’s hurts so bad when i wear anything. i also was wondering if neosporin would do anything and if i’m allowed to take a bath today (day after Operation).

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1) Boners: I didn't have an issue with them either during the day. For the first couple of nights, I set the timer on my phone to go off every 2 hours to go and pee.

2) Being naked: I wore nothing but a shirt for the first 3 days. Eventually you have to put on some underwear and pants. It is a strange feeling when you feel the head of your penis rubbing your underwear. You definitely know where your little guy is at all times. It took me about 2 weeks for the sensitivity to start to subside.

3) Bathing: I was told to wait at least 48 hrs before taking a shower. No baths / hot tubs / swimming for at least a week.

4) Antibiotics: While neosporin is good, I was told Bacitracin or Polysporin is better. A lot of people post on here about salt baths but I have never tried it.

On another note, no sexual activity of any kind for at least 4-6 weeks. The stitches will start to fall out in about 2 weeks. Give it time to will look ugly for several weeks.

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thanks for the reply, i feel everything is great and it’s healing fast except for my sensitivity. i had phimosis so i was maybe thinking that’s why it hurts so bad for me ( due to it never being exposed ). i have no idea what to do bc even a slight touch on my leg kills. any suggestions?

Hey I just got circumcised today (June 19th). I was told to bathe after 2nd day for best bets. Yes, the pharmacist told me to smear Neosporin all over the head. Get the one with triple antibiotic and pain relief. I only have a tshirt and boxers on now, with the penis hanging out. I was ordered to take a whole 7 days off from work. Wear no underwear and have your penis exposed while at home everyday for like 9 days, unless you have children or guests over to the house. I live alone :)

My frenulum wasn't removed, but it is elongated through frenuloplasty operation.

Velotito in reply to Qfellow

thanks for the reply, how has it been coming along?

Qfellow in reply to Velotito

Good, take a look at my post made today and yesterday that explains everything andc has my pictures


Hi yes I been using warm salt water on site since day 2 or 3, 4 times a day to keep it clean .

With wearing underwear tight briefs or boxer briefs to stop movement I used Tesco active men’s protective pads for 3.5 weeks just to stop movement and offer some protection against some knocks etc and use Vaseline petroleum the original on the head to stop it hurting so much if any movement happens

As with creams I wouldn’t put anything on it would leave well alone for a week but always take advice from your healthcare professionals over any advice on here ;)

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great thanks

thank you

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