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I’ve recently got circumcised probably about 5 days again, I get the odd pain here and there but it keeps sticking to my boxers and it hurts letting it loose and there does be hard blood on my boxers then. I’m only 19 and when I urinate it Stings most times. How long does it take for it not to be hurting and sticking to your boxers? And if anybody has info on urinating please let me know!

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Some discomfort will remain for a few weeks. Are you off your bandage now? The wound shouldn't be sticking to your boxers if you want it to heal, otherwise each time your take off your boxers you will reopen the wound.

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Yes the wound is off since Saturday, it’s very painful when it sticks to the boxers.

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Put vaseline on the penis head this will stop it sticking to your boxer shorts works for me.

Vaseline is the best for sticking to your clothes. On the peeing from no solutions other than when in the bath and having plenty of salt in the water.

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I’ve been using Vaseline and it jut sticks and then when I’m trying to take it out I’ve to be careful or it will start to bleed it’s very painful though any other creams etc. ?

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Hi Heartslad,

From memory, five days is not that long for the wound to have healed. When I was 'done' many, many years ago I found that wearing underpants that held the penis close to my body really helped. How are you managing at night? I bought a bed cradle (a frame which supports the bedsheets and keeps them off the body). That allowed me to have really good nights' sleep and, by allowing me to sleep naked, aided the healing process. It does take time, I'm afraid, so do be a 'patient patient'. :)

Salt water baths are also a good idea, as a previous post suggests.

All the very best,

As has been suggested, I used tight fitting pants to stop movement and a melonin dressing which is shiny on one side so does not stick.

Good luck

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