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Fungal infection of the groin area

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I have a fungal infection of the skin in the groin. It causes a stinging rash accompanied by itching and a burning sensation. I tried sprinkling some cornstarch on the affected area and it really helped reduce the itching but the rash was still there. Today I notice that there are some small blisters developing around and on the rash. They are are very red and itchy. Help!

3 Replies
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Treat twice per day with Clotrimazole. Use only clear water, no soap, to clean. ChNge underwear frequently

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Use Fugacil 3 times per day for a couple days and the symptoms will subside. It can help clear up the rash, relieve the itching and burning sensation. Have good personal hygiene, shower immediately after exercising and use only a mild soap. Hope this helps!

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Mate i would get this checked out by the doctor and urologist in all honestly because I had this last year and they were giving me anti fungal creams and everything, NOTHING was working to get rid of it it spread onto my penis as well, I got circumcised back in due and sent my foreskin off to the lab and it came back that I had penile neoplasia, which is the same thing as boens disease, just get it checked out for your own sake mate, mines all clear due to getting circumsised now

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