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Circumcision healing


I had my surgey last Tuesday so it’s been 9 days. Recovering is going well. I came to work from Monday and have been able to wear clothes with very less discomfort apart from some pain. Sensitivity has reduced a great deal. Frenulum area is still healing but from what I hear it takes the longest so am not bothered much. My only concern and the reason why I am writing this is because of the odour around the stitches. It is not itchy, there is no swelling and no yellow discharge. It’s just slightly wet around the area and very bad smell. Could it because I wear suit all day so there is not much air around the stitches so it gets damp and smelly. There is a good amount of skin left so the stitches gets covered when flaccid. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you .

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U have an infection and need to go to docs for penicillin prob solved

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