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Big panic and anxiety experience



I don't know where to start, over a week ago I started with a cold, now is getting worse, I'm in amoxicillin 500mg every 12 hours, and I started taking prep 4 days ago, now I'm not sure but I feel lost I can't, breath, I have a lot of pain on my back and chest , and now I'm having a big panic and anxiety experience, which is lead to ask for help, I feel Terribly I can go on like this anymore, I feel like if I run I never will stop until I'm gone completely and see if gone I stop feeling I'm feeling.

Please I need Help, Please

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Sounds like you have anxiety issues, you can ask Doc for referral to specialist clinics. Or if you check your local Health service there may be self referral options.

Above all talk to someone, family, friends or even Samaritans.

Good luck

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