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Tight band of skin when foreskin is retracted


Hello all, I am new here.

I signed up regarding a question about for foreskin. When I retract my foreskin there is a tight band of skin, you can visually see it is tight, it doesn't hurt me or cause pain but it looks like it restricts the vein on the top side of my penis when I have an erection. Is there anything that can be done to help with this?

I am going to the doctors this week and I have an appointment with a Urologist in a few months so I will mention it then

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If it doesn't pain and you can fuck without difficulty, there's no problem. However you may apply steroid cream while stretching, it may slightly relax

Stretching is the appropriate treatment.


Is it causing any issues?

I suggest you contact the doctors at 15 Square. This is a medical charity formed to promote alternative treatments to circumcision. You should not need a circumcision. Their website is 15square.org.uk

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