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Blue badge advice

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Back in the UK and got zinas right to remain at last, such a relief.

They have allowed me to drive again and I am so happy

So I have limited use one one side, all sorts of bits falling off or needing repair, still paralysed down one side. Heart valves RA and more.

I took my car out at the weekend to Exeter and parked in the furthest disabled space that I could find and no other bays were in use at the local Tesco. A huge mistake as I was a accosted by an older aged female in her Mercedes station wagon. She used every bad word that she knew at me in front of my daughter. I did not retaliate, just said lady you cannot always see a disability. She took pictures of my R8 and flid sticker on the dashboard and said she was reporting me. She even followed me into the store giving me crap. Daughter was so upset over it and now thinks her daddy is in trouble.

I held my tongue and if it had been a guy I would have head butted them as she was at my face. Surprised the police were not called.

Seriously are disabled people not allowed to drive nice cars?

So do I use the badge or not?

Maybe I should use the disabled tax certificate and register the vehicle as a disabled.

I am so cross, maybe next time I will have the roof off.

I need a sticker saying you cannot always see a disability. Where can I buy one, must I drive a Honda CRV

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It is really none of that bitch’s businness. If you have been legally issued the placard and carry associated documentation, authorities have given ypu the right to use it and the designated parking spaces.

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