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I can't pull my foreskin back anymore


I used to be able to pull my foreskin all the way back but one day couple months ago I wasn't able to pull it like before.. Until now I got to the point where I can literally pull it just a tiny amount.. I don't understand what I should do...

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I am 15 btw

If you're somewhat concerned though definitely visit a local gp to you

Yea well I need to talk to my dad or someone because I didn't talk to anyone about it and I thought I could fix it since it has been a couple months so yea

Yeah I'd chat with your dad about it, if it's not been budging for a couple of months try get something arranged! Hopefully a prescription by a doctor could help loosen the foreskin to make it retractable again

I used to have the same problem, with me I used to have sex all the time so it would retract easily but when I split up with a previous partner to the one I'm with now I didn't have any action therefore the inconsistency of sex really fucked me over...! Went to the doctors and over time got phimosis, some will suggest certain steroid creams and stretching exercises for you to try and regain retractibility again but I couldn't unfortunately

Get it inspected by an urologist

Gradual stretching with special prescription creams should help. Remember not to pull back with force as it can get stuck and cut off blood supply if it won't return to cover your glans. That need urgent medical attention. It's better to stretch by lengthening the skin away from the body. Eventually this makes the foreskin opening wider.

Some doctors are quick to offer circumcision. There are alternatives to this and should not be necessary and would destroy important pleasure nerve endings.

Perhaps you have a yeast infection. Go here and explain your problem and you will get help.


This does sound a little unusual. Try stretching and cortisone cream if needed. Get yourself checked out in-case it is some sort of infection but do not be rushed into Surgery.

Good luck.

Sounds like you may have Phimosis. If not taken care earlier, you may need to be circumcised, happened to me. Make an appointment with an urologist soon.

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Whatever you try to stay away from circumcision.

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