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Bruising still after 3 months


I was circumsised 3 months ago. Everything has healed fine and i actauly love the fact is waa circumsised. The only issue i have is that the penis head seems bruised still. The whole from where you urine has a few purple marks around them and so does the scar where frenulum was removed. Will these marks and bruises go or could it be something else which i should get checked??

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They will in time / i'm told Bio Oil is the best for Scar's take care

torkreel in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the help i appriciate it

jamesmcallan in reply to Hidden

I’ve been told that too but here in france i cannot find it anywhere when i ask for it they dont have it. What is it really? Also i had the only problem with the scarline scar is still not healed after 1 year so because of that i used contratubex and those kinds of scar creams.

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