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I got the top part of my penis Partial Circumcision 4 weeks ago on 28-7-18 due to Phimosis which cause my foreskin to get tight and close up


What i want to to know is it safe to start masturbating again as it been 4 weeks now. I can pull the foreskin back to clean to a certain degree but it look pretty healed

to my eye. I have seen my GP and she has said she is happy with the healing process and it look clean and healthy to her

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Is ok to use a vibrator on the head of the penis.

It is probably OK now, but a circumcised person is more likely to need lubrication.

Foreskin-deprived males who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to suffer friction irritation and pain.

The best lubrication for masturbation is the human foreskin. The highly innervated, erogenous, internally-lubricated foreskin is secured only at each extremity and is not attached to the underlying shaft of the penis. It is internally lubrication with lymphatic fluid and glides up and down the shaft of the penis without friction. The foreskin is filled with pleasure nerves that are stimulated by motion. This makes it ideal for masturbation. Foreskinned males usually do not need additional lubrication.

Circumcision de-foreskins the penis, shortens the available skin and makes the residual skin taut and immovable. Nineteenth Century doctors thought that would make masturbation impossible. It did not actually make it impossible but it made it harder to do and less fun.

Circumcised guys who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to experience friction irritation and pain.

If you don’t have a foreskin, then you probably will need external lubrication to compensate for the loss of your foreskin. You will need to learn to slide your hand up and down the shaft. Some males purchase a personal lubricant, which is designed to provide lubricant for sexual intercourse. Others may use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline (which is greasy), baby oil, vegetable oil, or saliva. Some foreskinned males also like to use lubrication, although it is not strictly necessary.

Products with harsh and irritating chemicals should be avoided. Shampoo and body wash have been reported to cause irritation.

Soapy water dries out the natural oils so it should be avoided as a lubricant. It should be used only for emergency masturbation.




TransGirl in reply to Bucky85

Hi so how long before i can really go at it normally?

Bucky85 in reply to TransGirl

Complete healing of a circumcision usually takes six weeks, so in two more weeks you should be able to safely do whatever you wish.

So how long is the healing process then all up? i was told after 4 week

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