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Knee pain


I hurt my knee a year ago while I was carrying with a colleague something at my work, my colleague let go of his side leaving me to carry on my own. When he let go I stubbed slightly to keep my balance and not let anything fall. When I stumbled something in the back of my knee happened. To cut a long story short I went to the hospital about 2 weeks after the injury because the pain was really bad at that point I was walking with a limp. The hospital thought it was a clot to begin with but it turned out it wasn’t so an orthopaedic doctor had a look at it had it X-rayed and told me to return to the hospital the next morning because there was something major going on with my knee, I could go because my work would give me time away. They have since took me off the overtime rota reducing my wage by £1000 a month because in their eyes I’m a risk to other staff. Can my employer do that ?

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This sounds more of a legal issue than medical. I believe they should not leave you disadvantaged because of a medical issue.

best advice would be speak to a Union rep'if you have one, if not try citizens advice. Was the incident put in the accident book ?

If it was you have evidence, if not your employer could be in trouble.

We don’t have an accident book but the management were made aware of it when it happened as well as the company directors were also aware of it. I was told in April this year that I’ve not to bother thinking I can sue the company because it’s went on to long now

I am not certain but think it about 3 years to make a claim.

I would also think your company broke the law by not having an accident book. Most companies should have an accident book that can be inspected by the HSE.

Of course you would struggle to make a claim with no record but your employer does seem to be treating you unfairly.

By the way, I assume you are in the UK ?

Yeah I'm in scotland

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