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Frenulum tight after circumcision


Hi guys, I was recently circumcised, i’m now 2 weeks into the healing process and everything seems to be fine! Apart from waiting for the stitches to fully disolve, everything seems to have gone swimmingly!

I do however, have a slight concern. I am what people would call a “grower, not a shower” and althought my circumcision is nice and neat etc, i seems that the underside of my penis has been reduced lots compared to the top, meaning that when I get an erection aince having the op, it puts ALOT of pressure on my frenulum and cause my penis to be pulled down quite a but. Added to this, when fully erect, it’s almost as though my scrotum begins half way down my penis, if that makes sense..?

Is this something to worry about or will everything sort of stratch a little and re-adjust as the healing process completes...?

P.s these blue balls a fecking killing me! Haha

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In about two more weeks, you may start to expand the skin on your penis to relieve the tightness. It is done by placing the residual skin under tension to cause mitosis (cell-splitting) which results in expansion of the existing skin. It is the process used by those circumcised men who want to restore their foreskin. See this wiki for guidance.

You’ll have to employ stretching to fix it.

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