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Is this an infection?


I’ve been doing the salt and water bath for about 4 days now and ever since the stitches have been dissolving or coming off, my skin dries up and when I take the guaze bandages off carefully, blood and yellow looking thing starts to show up. Sometimes water liquid would come out as well. Is this an infection? I feel no pain at all. Just making sure if this would be if I clean it off. Plus is there anyway I can start getting used to my underwear instead of just using bandages all the time? I’m tired of the bandages sticking to my skin ripping dried skin off and sometimes hurts

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Yes I’ve been doing the salt water for almost a week now and all of the stitches near the frenulum is gone but the stitches around below the head are still there. It’s hard for them to come off since they are the driest part instead of the frenulum.

Use less salt. You might even try polysporin or something (check with dr first)

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