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Post adult circumcision possible infection?


I’m 7 days post op, I don’t have any swelling or redness around the incision but over the last few days I’ve noticed a clear, unpleasant smelling, sticky fluid around the area. It’s not pussy, it’s clear, but appears yellow on my underwear.

I get the feeling it could just be pre cum caused by the new sensitivity - but being cautious - is it something to get checked out? Has anyone else experienced this?


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Hey dude,

I actually went to the doctors today and he said it is infected but not seriously, and just keeping it clean should clear it up.

But no I’ve only been showering and letting the water run over it. If I take baths with salt in, how long would you suggest staying in for? Less or more than 5 minutes? I’m just thinking about the dissolving stitches and if submerging them for too long would encourage them to come out too soon.

Thanks for replying!

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