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What happened if I masterbating after two weeks of circumcision?

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Hi sir, I am 27 and recently my circumcision done. It's only 2 weeks and my striches are removed but wound is there. In night time in knowingly my pennis getting bigger and I tried to control but won't happend. After master bath only it's cool. After that wound will get very pained . Please suggest is it possible for any side effects or marks on skin or any other. Please suggest how do I control that.

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Dont masturbate until 40 days after surgery.

Haha well I actually caved in about 2 and a half weeks in; however, I think I healed rather quickly which made it alright. Could hardly walk after it though because it was amazing haha!

Now that you are circumcised, you may need lubrication.


Foreskin-deprived males who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to suffer friction irritation and pain.

The best lubrication for masturbation is the human foreskin. The highly innervated, erogenous, internally-lubricated foreskin is secured only at each extremity and is not attached to the underlying shaft of the penis. It is internally lubrication with lymphatic fluid and glides up and down the shaft of the penis without friction. The foreskin is filled with pleasure nerves that are stimulated by motion. This makes it ideal for masturbation. Foreskinned males usually do not need additional lubrication.

Circumcision de-foreskins the penis, shortens the available skin and makes the residual skin taut and immovable. Nineteenth Century doctors thought that would make masturbation impossible. It did not actually make it impossible but it made it harder to do and less fun.

Circumcised guys who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to experience friction irritation and pain.

If you don’t have a foreskin, then you will need external lubrication to compensate for the loss of your foreskin. You will need to learn to slide your hand up and down the shaft. Some males purchase a personal lubricant, which is designed to provide lubricant for sexual intercourse. Others may use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline (which is greasy), baby oil, vegetable oil, or saliva. Some foreskinned males also like to use lubrication, although it is not strictly necessary.

Products with harsh and irritating chemicals should be avoided. Shampoo and body wash have been reported to cause irritation.

Soapy water dries out the natural oils so it should be avoided as a lubricant. It should be used only for emergency masturbation.



If you’re ready and able go for it bud it’s advised not too but we are human and have needs I got to day 16 and caved in to the urge. Wouldn’t over think it

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