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Circumcision - any advice welcome


After a few years of trying steroid creams and stretching techniques, I have finally been circumcised. The procedure only happened yesterday so my penis still ridiculously sensitive - I even can't bring myself to put on underwear.

Now, men have this done for many reasons (infection, cosmetic etc) but mine was a bad case of phimosis. My foreskin won't retract at all, meaning penetrative sex is almost impossible.

It'd be great to hear from anyone who has undergone this procedure also on the NHS, and if you have any tips for recovery that you can share. I am aware that it takes a good 4-6 weeks to be feeling back to normal. For now, codeine shall be my best friend.

Where I'm at now: procedure was yesterday, and I have now just removed the gauze bandage after 24 hours, as per doctor's orders.


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It will take quite some time to heal mate! Hang in there and stay positive. Keep your mind occupied. It will definitely get better over time.

Giving you heads up right now. 1: Don’t ever take a bath. ONLY take showers(I recommend you a warm shower). Let the water run through your body to penis. 2: try to wrap guaze bandages around your penis whenever your healed up a bit to get use to the pain of the pain. And also to make sure your penis is pointed up instead of hanging down because you don’t want it to get exposed. 3: Whenever you get ERECTIONS at the middle of the night due to the stitches that’s hurting or in the morning when you wake up and feel pain, get off your bed and stand up for a bit to let it stop. If you are going back to bed, sleep on your side, not on your back cause it would just cause the blood to rush through your penis causing an erection. 4: Don’t ever put any type of creams on your penis cause it will slow the healing process down.

And I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. But hopefully you’ll heal fast and feel no pain! Good luck brother!

Cheers for that, Steve.

It’s hard when you hear lots of viewpoints and experiences, knowing what rules to follow and what to avoid! I am almost 48 hours in, so I will shower and perhaps dip the wound in some salt water.

I have been naked pretty much all the time since the op. Did you go straight to wearing boxers? Every time I try it’s just too sensitive I can’t even walk!

It's been 4 days and I'm walking around with a hole in my underwear so my penis is ticks out it's still to sensitive for clothing I'm home bound till this nightmare passes.

That’s alright if you dip in with salt and no. My doctor had wrapped some guaze bandages around my whole penis and I had to go back to get it removed after 3 or 4 days after the circumcision. I wore men’s diaper for about a week or less I believe and I had guaze bandages under the penis so it wouldn’t hurt touching it. I started wearing boxers about a week ago. The pain in your glands takes a while to get use to the rubbing of the cloth and should go away in a month. But I’m a pretty young guy so I’ve been healing a lot faster. But for now I would go naked if it really hurts and make sure your penis is looking up but I guess it’s fine if your naked.

You were wise to attempt conservative therapy before opting for circumcision.

The recovery usually is not easy.

Go easy on yourself.

Dont take baths, only showers, NEVER EVER think about women or sex because getting an erections hurts and may cause bleeding where the stitches are. My stitches fell around 40 days and i needed around 2 and half month to get normal. Hang in there. You can ask me anything. I have a lot of information to share.

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