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When can I play football?!


It’s been 7 days since my op and everything seems to be going fine. Minimal stitches are already falling/dissolving and there is still a bit of swelling on the frenulum and below the head, nothing major. I’ve been taking care of my penis and progress shows. How much more time before I can practice with my football team? which includes hitting and contact since it’s American football. Season is around the corner and I want to practice ASAP!

I would greatly appreciate replies and advice.

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That is something you have to find out for yourself. First thing you must overcome is the sensitivity of the glens. It is advised that you wear tight underwear so that you would start loosing your sensitivity as early as possible. You mentioned that it is rough playing your american football so you might need something to protect your tools. I am not aware of what clothes you use for your games but surely you must be very careful not to get hit in your genitals. You can start by doing light training than see how it goes from there. If you have further questions just pm and I will answer you the best I can as a registered nurse.

You have to overcome the sensitivity of your glans first. I would wait for it like 20 days since circumcision.

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