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My foreskin complex


Hello folks

I would like to deliver my first web testimony on a subject that I carry deep in myself!

That I have not been able to share, nor with my wife, nor best friend, nor family!

It my complexion about foreskin which has long been difficult to accept , but which now becomes ambivalent as Ive started to enjoy a side of it!

I was born 30 years ago in colombia, where circumcision is performed only in private clinics at birth, and only among a minority!

I was born in a public hospital where circumcision is not proposed! Therefore I was left intact. In my father’s side, everyone cousin is circumcised. Thus , with my older brother, also left intact, we always asked why we werent cut! And my father said he thought it was usless and once said he wanted us to have a foreskin! Therefore, even if circumcision was proposed, it would have been a big NO!

I grew up w a foreskin and always thought circumcised looked better and cleaner, as I had smegma when i was small

As far As I remember i wanted my penis to have the head exposed as i thought it looked nicer! I therefore started to keep the skin back!

I remeber always being very prude as i was embarrassed with showing my skin!

Growing a teen-ager my foreskin shortened and keeping it back became an obsession. I would often put my hand in my pocket or under the underwear to skin it back!

I used glue and tape to keep it back!

Then when i got sexually active I had heard girls prefer circumcised!

I grew up in Belgium where circumcision is rare, but went to international school, where most were cut!

Guys made fun of foreskin, girls said it looked better!

Therefore I always said I am circumcised if asked!

I became obsessed about telling people im circumcised....made me somehow feel better. I am aware no one gives a fuck whether Im circumcised or not, but it helped me and still helps me feel more sexually appealing to Women!

Since my foreskin is short, I have been able to fool all my girlfriends about being circumcised ! I have this technique that blocks my skin on the shaft! Yes you read right... o pretended to be cut and it worked

At least three of those girlfriends found foreskin nasty so it was too embarrssing to tell them Im uncut!

However, when looking the internet, I progressively realised how many girls prefer uncut! Especially eastern european women, who generally find circumcision barbarian and a thing reserved to jews ans muslima

part of me wanted to show a girl my skin!

And so I met this polish girl and then a russian girl and showed them the skin and Asked them if they didnt mind Im uncut! The russian told me she so much prefered uncut!

Ice never been able to admit my wife i have the skin as she is herself pretty anti uncut! Since i enjoy the mouvement of skin, she thinks inhave some very loose circumcision compares to her ex.

Therefore I have gone seen prostitutes so that I could fully satisfy my foreskin

! I love masturbating thinking of nothing else but my foreskin! Sometimes I fantasise foreskin humiliation ; a girl that tells you how nasty your skin is!

But I cannot imagine getting cut! My wife thinks Im cut,

Foreskin has become my little secret and my little pleasure as i enjoy palying with it!

Yes this is how bad my complexion has gotten! To the point somethings become paradoxal

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Your posters is a roller-coaster of "emotion".

First of all, nothing wrong with being circumcised or uncircumcised. Unless there is no medical reason for a circumcision, it is rather pointless and basically down to personal preference.

As for women liking cut/uncut, once again personal preference. No general rule applies there.

As for you having sex with prostitutes to have "fun" with your foreskin instead of telling your wife you're not circumcised and to deal with it is rather .... well.... stupid, but that is your own personal thing.

Both have their ups and downs, as long as you don't need it for medical reasons, there is no point in being circumcised, unless you explicitly want to. It is up to you and no one else.

So is this what things are like in America? or were you not in America because I don’t know what you meant about an international school, if it was really international, most boys would be uncut anyway, where do you live?

Btw cool story.


It seems to me that you are rather fortunate to have a whole, complete penis.


Here is a list of things that you would have lost if you had been circumcised.

Some men do prefer to wear their foreskin retracted, so you are not alone.

The foreskin is a very good thing to have as this website explains:

Female dislike for the male foreskin is based on outmoded ideas about cancer and other diseases that are now disproved.

Most girls prefer the foreskinned penis because there is more to play with and it is easier to give hand jobs. Intercourse is better because the gliding action of the foreskin reduces friction, conserves vaginal lubrication, and makes sex better for the female. Females are much more likely to have an orgasm if their sexual partner has a whole, normal, functional penis.

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