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Feeling stressed and depressed



I have been feeling stressed and depressed for the last one month. I feel helpless and sometimes thought to commit suicide. As a result of my stress I feel numbness in the leg in the arms and lost focus to complete work assignments. Tried to resign but thought it’s not good option.

Any one can help me get out of this



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Hi there.

The numbness in your legs and arms is a result of anxiety. If I'm anxious I get it too along with tingling and lightheaded.

Anxiety can cause an endless list of symptoms, some of which are very scary such as chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness.

Don't try and cope alone. Speak to a doctor or even a friend.

Try and focus on positive things in your life rather than the negatives. Also important to mix with friends as if you isolate yourself you tend to feel depressed even more and overthink the negatives.

Try not to keep thinking "what if"?.

I don't know your circumstances but I'm sure it's different for everyone.

Tell your doctor about your thoughts of suicide.

If you want someone to chat too feel free to message me on here. I always find it easier to talk to people I don't know.

Gul88 in reply to Daz81

Thank you so much. I feel so many endless symptoms and I google and even feel depressed. I got this app through google. Thank you and appreciate your kind words.

Don't try to diagnose yourself via google. Many tried and it usually causes more harm than good. If you have suicidal thoughts, you should seek professional help, someone who you can talk to. If you don't want professional help, you can try talking to friends or family, though that too might cause more harm than good, as they will get really worried and might make the situation unintentionally worse.

There is not much one can do on the forums to help out. Only to tell you that you are not the only one that feels like it and that there are ways how to get better. As I said, it is best to seek professional help, if it is at the "suicidal thoughts" stage.

Quitting your job would be a bad idea, unless your job is the source of said depression. When depressed it is best to have things and activities that keep you busy and your mind off of things. Try to have some walks alone, around a lake, forest, somewhere peaceful. Or try to exercise as endorphins, that are released during exercise help as well.

It is good trying to find the source of your depression. Being depressed and suffering from depression are two different things. Finding the source is more for the felling depressed. Actually suffering from depression is usually connected to chemical imbalance where you cannot help it but feel the way you do. That is why it is best to find professional help, as those can tell you which it might be.

Best of luck with it, I am sure you can do it, just like many others before you.

Gul88 in reply to Cipher

Thanks and much appreciated!

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