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Sex before 6 week period after circumcision

Hey what’s up fellas I was circumcised 4 weeks ago but all of my stitches have fallen out or dissolved but I’ve been able to yank my crank without any pain which is chill. Also the swelling has gone completely down but I was wondering since I haven’t hit week six yet that I want to plow my gf but I’m not sure. Any info would help thanks boys.

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Go for it mate if you're happy alls good.

I pounced pussy as normal from day 27.

And it's amazing!


I found sex was easier than masturbating, so if you feel safe give it a go, use lube.

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I’m nearing 6 weeks post op. Haven’t had sex yet but the tip is still so sensitive I’m worried I won’ be able to perform as normal! Let me know how it goes haha


Will do mate👍🏾


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