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Sudden swelling. Advice needed ASAP please


Hi guys,

Posted here about 7 hours ago with a photo of my frenulum area that’s been weeping all day, I’ve just gone to take a bath and it’s swollen to 3 times the size it was this afternoon! Panicking a little and don’t know whether to wait until the morning to go round the hospital. Could I still get an infection after 3 weeks???

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Does it hurt? If it hurts it will be most likely an infection. If it doesn't hurt it could be just oedema. I advise you to go see your doctor and let him examine it.


You most likely have an infection mate. I had the same thing as you except it was around day 7 or 8. If the shaft is red and aggravated it’s a sign of infection and so is the increase in swelling

It looks bad. I urge you to get to your doctor.

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