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Peeing After Circumcision

So, not a question but an interesting observation. I am on Day 16 and until last monday I couldn't pee in a straight line and would get it all over my balls as well. So had to sit down and pee pretty much. Though I did jerk off on Monday (Day 10) because I just couldn't take it anymore. After squirting my first load (didn't quite shoot high but it felt good) I have noticed that I am now urinating perfectly normally and in a straight line whatever the pressure levels. So there you go chaps, just hold out!

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I’m guessing you used some form of lube? I really need to jerk off but I’m a bit scared of pulling a stitch. Did ejaculation feel normal or did it feel like it was stuck inside?


no I didn't. I just used the portion of the shaft below the stitches and rubbed that until I jerked off. Took me a good 20-25 minutes. Actually, I had been trying it for a couple of days and finally on day 10 i ejaculated. haha


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