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Bad penis smell


Hello. I have a problem with very bad smell of my penis. Im pretty sure my hygiene is good. The smell gets better for a while everytime I take antibiotics so I guess some bacteria is causing it? I use to have digestive issues repeating for a few years now so I guess it can be related to it?

My question is. What bacteria can cause it and how can I cure it on my own? Im kind of embarresed to talk with my doctor about such a problem.

Thank you!

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Talk to a doctor. It is smell of smegma, which may be infected. Uninfected smell could be sexy to your partner

Are you circumcised? If not are you about to full retract forskin? Make sure you clean this area and most importantly dry this area with a towel. Leaving it wet will cause the smell to come back.

Make it apart of your routine like in the morning after you brush your teeth, clean and dry forskin/head of penis. Only takes a few seconds. Ohh and just use water, if you need soap use less the drop

As I knew, there are several problems that result in bad penis smell, including smegma, balanitis, sexually transmitted infection and non-specific urethritis. Have you had any symptoms accompanied with this, like itchiness, blisters or anything else? If not, it's not necessary to worry about. Use water-based lube. Bathe regularly. Trim your pubic hair. Wear loose underwear. If you’re uncircumcised, pull your foreskin back when you pee. This keeps urine from getting underneath and causing bad smell.

You should try ToppCock hygiene gel. It's a leave-on anti-microbial gel for the male genital region. It contains natural anti bacterial and antifungal ingredients that eliminates foul odors and itch.


It's not bacteria

You need to clean every time you urinate

Clean with water

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