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Healthier Penis


So I am 22 years old and it's been years since I have a pretty unhealthy penis and I was thinking that maybe it's because of over masturbation and edging (while rubbing the tip of the penis). At the same time I have a circumciced penis and I have seen before/after pictures of circumcision and after the surgery they are in a very bad shape compared to before, especially the glans which turns from pink and intact to darker and with a dehydrated look.

Anyway I want to know if there's any natural way to have a healthier and a better looking penis when both erect and flaccid. I actually stopped masturbating 3 days ago and I'm planning to go for 90 days without masturbation to see if there's any better results.

Here's some pictures to see what I'm talking about :

So I circled the glans in one picture to see the dehydrated part. As you can see the head has some "cracks" and there is weird looking spots on it. I'm actually a bit worried about the glans.

I made a circle in another picture to see the "lines" around the base I figured it's because of excessive masturbation.

Also you can see how bad and small it looks when flaccid. It's probably because of the Turkey Neck (I forgot the scientific term) that you can see in another picture (the skin of the ballsack attached to the base). It happens due to an "aggressive" circumcision I guess.

I hope I could get some help with this. Thanks a lot.

(I got a warning because of some censored words in my text but I don't know which words exactly so I just had to submit it the way it is. I also couldn't find anything about it in the FAQ section)

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I didn't. I'm shy so I don't want to go to an urologist. In addition, where I live this kind of subject is a sensitive matter. Maybe even a taboo. And that's why I'm seeking help online.


Hi Battaboy,

I've just read your post.

I'm not a doctor neither have I any medical training, but to me your penis doesn't look particularly odd. From Teja's post I assume you live in India? Could the climate there possibly have a dehydrating effect on the glans? Remember, too, that without the protection of a foreskin, the glans will inevitably become less smooth as it is constantly rubbing against your clothes, etc.

Personally, I wouldn't imagine that masturbating, even if you do so very frequently, would cause any damage to your penis. Here in the UK it is very easy to purchase lubricants that are specifically designed to help make masturbation and/or intercourse easier and more pleasurable by reducing any uncomfortable friction. I don't know whether such products are available where you live, but it would certainly be worth your while making some enquiries.

If you are still really worried, then please, please do try and overcome your shyness and consult a professional urologist. The penis is only a part of your anatomy, after all, albeit a rather special and important part, and it deserves to be looked after just as much as does your heart, or any other organ.

I hope the above has been of some help.

With all good wishes and kindest regards,


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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your answer and your consideration.

I am not from India. I live in North Africa actually and I don't think the weather harmed my penis in any way. I believe that rubbing it under my clothes may have done some harms to it over the years. And maybe because of dry masturbation.

Today I bought vaseline and applied it to the irritated part. I read on many forums that it helped many men with irritation. I'll see if there's any positive results.

You said you don't find it odd. But I'm a bit worried about those small pimples on the head more than the cracks and the dryness.

And if I don't see any changes after a week or so. I'll gather my courage and do as you say.

Best regards.

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Thanks for your reply, Battaboy.

I'm very glad you are thinking about consulting a urologist if you are still unhappy with the way things are in a few days' time. That is a mature outlook, if I may say.

You may wish to see if you can purchase a tube 'KY Jelly'. That is a good all-purpose lubricant, if the more specialised products aren't easy to obtain where you live.

If you still are trying to last 90 days without masturbating, then of course that's fine, but should you find that three months is too long a period without any sexual relief, then do use some form of lubrication. As I'm sure you know women naturally produce secretions which lubricate the vagina and make intercourse easier and more enjoyable for both partners. You really do need a substitute when masturbating.

Best wishes to you.



I hope you get some help.


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