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Unknown Problems with penis


Hello I am new here. Well for the past 8 months or so I have been experiencing pain at the base of my penis (under side) and pain at my testicles. Along with this pain I have a slight on and off buring sensation in my urethra. I have been to a urologist because I thought I might have prostatitis and my primary care doctor because I thought I had a UTI. The utine test came back normal that I did not have a UTI and my urologist checked my prostate and said it was fine. He told me to stop wearing boxers and wear breifs so I did that. But not long after I started having these issues I slowly started having problems with my erections. It is sometimes hard to get or maintain an erection now but other times I am fine and have no problems. I now have a new primary care doctor and she is sending me to a different urologist. I'm starting to freak out a bit about it. I'm 37 years old and am not sure if this is something serious. I have been diagnosed with the following conditions as well. Sjögren's Syndrome, SICCA Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Polyarthritis. I am not sure if any of these conditions might be playing a role in my issues.

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I have had chronic prostatitis looks like you many have this also. I cured my prostatitis by taking Te Xiao Qian Lie Kang NO 2-chinese medicine first. Then started taking Taiwan organic Gaba tea this is a growth hormone good for the prostrate. This stoped all pain. I am no longer in pain if I have any problems I double my Gaba tea.

Hmm, if it isn't a urinary tract infection, and it hurts at the base of the penis ... and a little in the balls ... could it possibly be a kidney stone that is trying to get out? The urethra goes through the base of the penis, and sometimes the pain there can be "felt" in different places ( like instances with back pain, it hurts one place but originates in a different place). Does it hurt more when you try to urinate?

If its not an infection, your prostate is fine and if you haven't strained a muscle during sex or masturbation or any other physical activity that could have done said damage I can't really think of another reason but I AM NOT a doctor and you should take my opinion with a grain of salt. You can get a sono of your balls too to check if everything is ok there, or if there is any mass that could be pressing against something too.

Friend I can understand your feeling and problems too. I can only advice you for better erection so that you can maintain your erection as long as can. You an try generic Viagra 50mg or 100mg dose for 4-6 hours of erection.

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