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I have a few "issues" causing me a little concern, and I simply want to know what they are!

1.) Red, irritated, scaly skin on the head of the penis, towards the middle bottom - Wihtout touching it, there is no discomfort, and when you do it is a little sensitive but not really painful or that irritating. It seems to be an extra layer of many tiny little "scale" like things over part of the head. Is this likely to be bacterial, fungal, or a skin condition?

2.) Small clusters of many red/skin coloured spots/dots on front and back of foreskin. Very small, not at all irritating, not even really visible unless you look close. They are definitely above the skin, but also are most certainly not fordcye dots. What could this be?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Sounds like thrush.

  • Does it all sound like thrush?

    I have also have a cluster of tiny little red spots around the euthra, above the skin? Could this also be thrush? Is it likely to all just be irritation from thrush? Thanks.


    Get some cream and tablets. You can get them over the counter or amazon sell them.

  • I hope you get some help with that. Take good care of your penis.

  • Thanks!

  • I would get it checked out at your sexual health clinic, may well be thrush but the clinic can check everything for you, don't be embarrassed by visiting the clinic, they check out everything and will put you mind at rest...... hope this advice helps, I myself have visited the clinic for various lumps and bumps that I have found......

  • I have never had sexual activity. Does that narrow it down?

  • Indeed that can discount any sexual transmitted disease, but the clinic can help with any infection and provide treatment.....

  • I agree with Security. It is probably nothing but go to the doctor to be reassured. Don't be ashamed. You are right in giving attention to the health of your penis! Nick

  • Thrush stems from either poor diet, bad bacteria build up which is then through the body ie breath and semen, or poor washing powder irritating your groin ect causing this problem, it happens to women too. There is a tablet over the counter (tesco/boots) you can take which is anti fungal Canestan oral tab is always better. Always drink lots of water to flush out and promote more fluid in the body, and yes men this also includes your semen you don't produce good measures of seminal fluid if you dont drink water!

    Just so you know you can catch any disease orally i.e. gonorrhoea which sits in the back of the throat, thrush, or more....go to dr or go to a health clinic its more private and you dont need to inform your dr so it wont be on your records if you want it to remain separate,

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