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Tight Foreskin. Solutions?

I'm new here. I discovered only this week that the foreskin rolls back automatically. While flaccid, I rolled it down slowly yesterday and cleaned the smegma that was present. I can roll it down when the penis is flaccid with a little effort, but have to roll it back after pressing on the glans to make it small. While it is erect, it does not go down beyond just over half of the glans. I discovered accidentally that with force it goes down until just below the glans but gets stuck there until the penis is flaccid again. Not good!!

What should i do? Does this resolve automatically after first sexual encounter?

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The fact that you got it to roll back while flaccid is good. It means you can easily clean it.

The head doesn't have to be fully exposed while erect to enjoy sex, and it most likely won't resolve after the first encounter. You could practice stretching it while erect. One way is to just practice trying to roll the skin back to a place that feels uncomfortable but not necessarily painful.

Your situation sounds similar to mine, and I'm now able to roll it behind the head while erect with out discomfort, though it still can get stuck behind the head without me physically moving it. It took lots of patience and results were not overnight. Take a picture of it beforehand so that you can look back in weeks and months to come to compare with your progress.


This may improve with time and stretching will help. If you can roll back enough to clean then should have no real problem. On my first sex without a condom mine did pull back by itself, but it was quite sore and took a little effort to pull back. Things did improve naturally over time and it made no difference to intercourse whether it pulled back or not.

Give it time and do not worry.


You’re in good shape. Some simple stretching can fix that little resistance. One very effective method is to insert two fingertips while flaccid and pull them apart gently but firmly enough to feel the tension. Do that for about five minutes, four times per day, and in six weekd or so it should be fixed for life. Do not use soap to clean the inside. If you take antibiotics, treat your foreskin for yeast. That’s it!


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