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2 concerns after circumcision. Urine drip/huge bump under suture

Hi, just curious if anyone else experience urine drip after being circumcision. Before my circumcision I did notice a very SLIGHT urine drip once in awhile. Meaning, after I urine, I leave the bathroom and 2-8 minutes later a little urine will leak. After my circumcision, I get ALOT heavier drips, instead of just a little its 3x the small amount I use to have.

My second concern is, on the shaft, where I'm stitched up, well below the head of penis on the right side theres a Huge bump that doesn't seem like it's resolving itself. I imagine it's just swollen, or at least I hope. Although it's been 2 weeks and the left side seems to have gone down to almost nothing in size.

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I think I recognise the description of the bump, is it almost as if the base of the head of your penis has doubled on one side? If so, I'm the same and a few others I've spoken to have the same thing. I'm hoping in time this goes away. But I'm 6 weeks now and it's definitely better than it was. The leaking tho. So I had the same issue before I was circumsised, a doctor told me to run my index finger from between my balls forward to my shaft. He said that this is where the tube is that passes the urine. So effectively squeezing out any pee that was left in there. I hope that makes sense. You may need your bladder looked out if your constantly leaking. Or look to strengthen the muscles that help pee.


Cheers man thanks. the bump seems to be going down, leak going down slightly but i should get it looked at still. could be infection or, i guess because the antidepressants i take. Nonetheless thanks for reply, I appreicate your input. I'l try the finger pressure thing as well.


Yes urine leaking after circumcision is normal for a couple of weeks, it should resolve once the swelling goes away.


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