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Frenulum after Circumcision


I had a Circumcision and Frenuloplasty 2 weeks ago. Is there mean't to be a massive scab where the frenulum should be? Any ideas how long it will take to come off naturally?

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Yes there is I had the same the frenulum takes the longest to heal 4 weeks mine took

gadddy in reply to Ryanr

Cheers mate.

I am interested in your reply because i have the same. 12 days after surgery and the scab is beginning to come away. Reassuring to read your post and Ryanr's reply.

gadddy in reply to Tismefolks

Yeah it was bothering me for a while.

No worries just try to keep it as dry as possible if you get the scab wet or soak it, it will start bleeding 👍

I didnt notice a scab on mine until it came off about 3 weeks after 😂

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