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Frenulum after circumcision


Is this normal? Bulgy or swollen frenulum? Still sensitive and can not a bit painful at times. I'm 3 and half weeks after op. Head still quote red too. But not painful

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Normal but may take time to heal

Yeah that’s fairly normal to still have swelling there. The frenulum is full of nerve endings and those take the longest to heal. Also most urologists would agree it takes 6 weeks to feel better so let’s say you’re halfway there. It looks pretty good for 3 weeks. Good luck and hang in there

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Baldhead in reply to Hidden

Ok thanks. Will start doing that.

I would say that you are fortunate to have retained your frenulum after circumcision.

It is normal to have swelling after circumcision. It will eventually subside.

The swelling is caused by accumulation of lymphatic fluid.

Baldhead in reply to Bucky85

Do most lose it after this process then? Hopefully reduces soon. Thanks.

Yes, it appears that most surgeons remove the frenulum, which is a shame because it is highly innervated.

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