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Tight foreskin + small lumps

Hi, I'm 16 and have begun to notice some small lumps forming at the very end of my foreskin in patches. They do not appear to cause any irritation or discomfort. Any ideas on what these are and any possible dangers associated?

Also I have noticed that my foreskin is unable to be retracted over the head of my penis when it is both flaccid and erect, making cleaning extremely difficult and painful. When flaccid I can roll the foreskin over the head of the penis but it does cause mild discomfort and can be difficult to roll back. I have read around on the forum and have seen people recommend stretching the foreskin but I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I could possibly clean my penis properly whilst attempting to stretch my foreskin.


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If pulling back your foreskin causes discomfort when flaccid, stretching is unlikely to help. Best option is to consult your doctor (urologist) on the best course of action.

As for the lumps I can't really imagine what you mean, so once again best thing to visit a doctor and be certain. All we can do here is give vague assumptions since we cannot see the problem and/or are not doctors ourselves (at least for me).

So the best "advice" I can give is do not postpone or ignore the issue you have mate and see a doc ;).

Good luck.


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