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circumcision swollen for 3 months (picture)

Hey so i made a circumcision the 16th of october 2017 and im getting really worried because it still very swollen and it isint going down it looks horrible and its only on the back side, the front side of my circumcison healed nice and good, but the backsize is digusting to look at, what is going on??? My doctor say its nothing to worry but its been 3 months and im getting depressed because of this. Someone been thorught the same problem??? Please help me

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There was a similar post a few days ago


Not a lot you can do about it other than wait


Looks like the same person just under a different name :).


If your doctor is saying its fine, then it is probably fine. Alternatively you can try a different doctor and get a second opinion which I would probably do in your case just to put my mind on ease.


It could take up to a year before anything looks normal again. Don’t worry


How is the result now since it’s been 10 months?


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