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Vasectomy questions

Hi guys. Need some advice about a vasectomy. Im 27, Got 2 kids with 2 different partners and a step son, so 3 in total and I definitely want to consider getting this procedure done, but I've looked up how it's done and the after effects.

Can any one please share their experience with me in regards to how the procedure was, how sore they were afterwards, if they had any complications, any long term pain etc? Thanks in advance!

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Had a vasectomy in the 70s. Took about 30 minutes and before the day was over I was shoveling snow. Uncomfortable for a couple of day but not a big deal. I biggest complaint was having to take a semen sample in every week for about 2 months until no live critters were found in the semen.


It's no big deal. Back to work the next day, paracetamol for pain for a day or two. Nothing to it really


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