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Circumcision swelling

Hi guys I’m 17 and was circumcised 10 days ago due to phimosis and of course since it’s my penis I freaked out at every little thing I thought was wrong with it but they all went away themselves but I feel like this is different.

I felt good 2 days ago, the stitches started dissolving and falling out my glans aren’t as sensitive and the gauze with Vaseline meant I wasn’t walking like a cowboy anymore but the shaft of my penis has swelled severely and it’s incredibly sore to touch and it even looks slightly bruised but nothing happened to it just wondering if anyone could help or put my mind at ease. Thanks!

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As you are clearly worried, go and see your doctor and get his opinion. Maybe you have inadvertently knocked it whilst asleep? Who knows? I think it's always wiser to get professional medical advice.

Hope all is well, so good luck!!

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Thanks so much I’ll post an update when I go!


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