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Yellow droplets after Circumcision and Frenuloplasty

Hello All,

Today is my 6th day after Circumcision + Frenuloplasty. I am 32 and got them done due to phimosis. The upper part of my penis is ok now. But the part to the left of the frenulum is really swollen. And I get small but thick yellow droplets on the cotton pads that I wear between my briefs and my penis. Is this pus ? Am I infected? :(. Really nervous about it. I have been following the after care procedure perfectly and I am already on oral antibiotics and also applying a cream given by my doc.

Thank you in advance for the reply.

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Sounds like you are already doing everything and there is nothing ese that can be done, but if it is getting worse then go back to your doctor


Thank you for the reply Goldie11. I just wanted to know if the tiny yellow semi solid dots I see on the cotton pads are pus. They are really tiny only as big as a mustard seed. But cloudy.


Met the doctor today. He clarified that not all yellow cloudy stuff that come out is pus. However on my return in the taxi due to a sharp turn there was a sudden jerk and looks like one or two stitches have come out and there was blood..so I have to be more careful


I was prescribed flucloxacillin 500mg and it cleared up within 4 days if your not on flucloxacillin I suggest you get some from your doctor πŸ‘

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