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9 days after circumcision I saw a few drops of blood in the shower when I peed

9 days ago was circumcised for Phismosis and BXO. I cant really say I felt any pain. Just incredibly unbreably sensitive on the glans if they touch anything.

after day 2 or 3 I took regular showers and tried to wash my penis very gently. I also made a filtered, boiled water and salt mixture which I poured over it.

Peeing has been ok, just weird feeling . But this morning when I went to pee I cried out from a sharp, not too painful, pain as I peed. It felt like it had stuck together or something.

I dont seem to have any bleeding from the stitches.

a few hours later I went to pee in the shower (as it just feels better and I can wet the head a bit)

and I saw 3 drops of blood appear before I started peeing normally.

Is this in any way normal after circumcision? or sound a bit worrying

thanks guys.

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It could be that you have kidney stones that are trying to pass through your body when urinating.

The circumcision won’t be connected to you urinating blood unless the blood is coming from underneath your gland where the circumcision wound is which could be a sign of infection.

If your wound is throbbing, bleeding or oozing it’s infected and will need to be addressed by your gp/doctor but from what you are saying it wouldn’t hurt to go and get I checked out.

Hope this helps


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