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Semen dilemaa

Hii....i m 20 yrs old male.....actly i had a UTI nd i m taking medicines also for that Doctors found RBC nd WBC in my Urine which is cause of this problem. Bt yesterday i masturbated nd it ws surprising that semen doesnt comes out, i tried again bt no result. (this is first tym happening in my entire lyf, before all these i used to masturbate at least 1 tym a day smtyms more than that bt nthng has happend) Plss tell me is this because of UTI or Excessive mastubation..?? or smthng else

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Certain drugs can cause retrograde ejaculation. Ask your doctor about it.


is it curable..?? what is it actually..?? any disease or jst a defect..


If it is caused by the medicine, the situation should resolve itself once you stop taking the medicine. Need to talk to your doctor.


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