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Reduced semen, enlarged prostate.


The amount of semen I produce has reduced to nothing in just under a year. I previously would have produced a healthy tablespoon amount. I believe I also have an enlarged prostate according to my doctor which is also causing me to visit the bathroom far more often than normal. What can I do to not only reduce me prostate. But to also increase my semen amount? It' causing me great consternation and anxiety. Can I get corrective surgery for either ailment? I'm 63 years old. Don't drink or smoke. Work out 3 times a week. Though I'm overweight. But carry it mainly on my thighs and ass.

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Have you commenced any medication for your enlarged prostate? Do you think that might be the reason for the change you have noticed?

No, I've not rec'd any medication for my prostate. Doctor, says it happens to many men of a certain age. But there's no doubt about it restricting my urinal flow.


Have you had a PSA test as prostate cancer is also a possibility.

stevejames in reply to Osidge

I've not had any tests other than a couple of blood tests and a rectal exam during which the doctor probed my prostate with his fingers.

OsidgeModerator in reply to stevejames

Perhaps a PSA test would be sensible. The effects of an enlarged prostate can be alleviated by alphablocker medication or by a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. If it gets really bad then surgery is an option.

HI, At your age . it's way past time to have a PSA done. Don't know what country your from, but in the US, most start PSA test at about 50. It's considered part of preventative medicine.Good luck.

stevejames - agree. You really need to push for the blood (PSA) test.

A referral to a consultant urologist will put you in touch with much better care than staying with a gp who may or may not understand your needs. I've also noticed great reduction in semen quantity and colour over time of having my prostate cancer and enlargement monitored. I now only dribble clear fluid on ejaculation. TURP was scheduled but it turns out I don't retain enough urine to justify the surgery and have been prescribed Tamsulosin, finasteride and aluzozin at different times. After a number of urine infections my kidneys now function at less than half capacity and I'm now about to have another ultrasound with full bladder to help decide what procedure will assist best.

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