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Bleeding on the frelleum after circumcision! Help!!

Okay guys im 16 and i recently got circumcised 7 days ago and today i had a shower and my frelleum the bottom part of my penis started to hurt. I used a clean soft cloth to clean my penis, when i tried cleaning the bottom it started to sting and i see yellow stuff and a tiny bit of blood on the cloth!!! Help should i go check my gp! Im so scared it still stings a tiny bit but it seems like its going away but should i be concern!

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Apply some antibiotic cream ,take rest. Do not pull for 2 or 3 day s


Yellow stuff probably from your stitches. If blood only spots and you not in pain I guess all should be fine. For cleaning, short salt bath or use baby bath soap. If showering do not expose the head to full water flow for a week or two. Preferably air dry, if not possible gently pat but not directly on scar.

Good luck

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