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Vasoline stuck to circumsision

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Hey guys,

I had my circumsision done due to phimosis. 16 years of age all looks ok healing but a few issues. I used vasoline which has dried up and crusted around my wound I try to get it off but it just bleeds! Also my head is very red and my penis stinks with yellow discharge on my gauze when I wake up! I’m on antibiotic and have a cream to apply! What do I do about this vasoline how will I get it off?

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Don’t cover it up mate. Leave it exposed to air as best you can. Have a shower a couple times a day to keep it clean and to be honest I don’t why people use vaseline on the head of the penis because your gonna have to let it become used to rubbing off your boxers anyway.

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Thanks mate 👍🏽🤞

Vaseline generally gets dissolved by water. However you don't really want to put vaseling on the wound. You only use vaseline on a gauze on your penis glans to make it easier to wear underwear and walk around in pants.

The only thing you want to put on your wound is antibiotic oil/cream such as Neosporin and even that only twice a day.

Your head can be red from all the irritation and could be normal. The bad smelling discharge could be pus from an infection but it doesn't have to be, but since you are on antibiotics already might not have a fever. However, if you are taking antibiotics when you don't need to, that can cause more damage than good. Has a doctor said you have an infection and prescribed antibiotics, or has he given you a prescription anyway just in case you have a fever and you started taking them without consulting your doc ?

He said there is no infection but will give them in case which my pedi said that’s ok it’s good anyways. But I did have a lot of discharge and it had fully cleared up now due to the anti biotic! Haven’t applied the cream because no point. Also the smell isn’t as bad but still bad and what’s around the wound isn’t vasoline I was wrong. It’s actually skin glue whic my pedi said it will take a while to come off naturally which may even be 3-6 weeks.

I let it air all day in a cooking civ (lmao) as stupid as it sounds it works and gets air so I can’t put a blanket over its cold right now !! And I only use non stick gauze for when I sleep no vasoline or creams !

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