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Unpleasant smell from beneath foreskin

Recently, I've found that the head of my penis smells quite unpleasant. The smell comes from beneath the foreskin so far as I can tell. The smell leaves after I wash with soap in the shower, but returns the same day. There's no visible buildup of smegma etc, and no visible cause. I wash it thoroughly with Simple soap (unscented) and warm water every time I shower (almost every day). A couple of times, I've found a small amount of a clear liquid behind the foreskin. It had a very strange, almost metallic smell.

I had thrush once, some time ago, could it be related to that? I also think I may have mild phimosis, but I can easily retract my foreskin when flaccid, and it's not really an issue anymore. Could it be related to the soap? I think that that soap shouldn't be too harsh anyway, but still.

I would prefer to avoid going to the doctor over this, but obviously I will if it's necessary.

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Why do you smell ? It has to be offensive due to smegma. Do not bother unless it is too much. You may try steroid creams like Betnovate C /Flucort N etc . for few days


Use only mild soap. do not be afraid to see Doc if it becomes a real problem.


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