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Tight foreskin

I’m a 18 year old boy, & when I’m soft I can pull my foreskin back Perfectly fine but when I’m erection it can’t move back at all & hard to Masterbate & I’m worried to have sex as it might be painful as it’s tight what do I do? Do I go A&E or doctors? As my doctor said he can look at the penis & that all As he said I have to go to a specialist to talk about a circumcision

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If the foreskin doesn't retract fully , it may not be a problem during sex, but as it is causing problem during masturbating ,penis needs to be inspected by a surgeon who will tell you whether to go for circumcision or not. Till the time you do circumcision, keep the glans clean with mild soap water to avoid foul smells and source of infections. If it hits don't masturbate fully pulling back the skin. You can adjust your pulling and can have the same effect. If you want to open the glans which is better you need to be operated. Dont worry these are common problem called paraphymosis.

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18 is still quite young and if it not causing pain then do not worry. You could try gentle stretching or cortisone creams. I could not pull back until my twenties, with no issues or lack of sensation. Even after that my foreskin did not pull back readily. My first time without a condom resulted in the foreskin pulling back and getting stuck under the head for a while. I managed to carefully retract without any long term problems.

Personally I would treat circumcision as a last resort.


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