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Swollen Circumcision

Hello everybody, I'm 17 and it's been a month since I had my operation done, the doctor says it's been healing well but the ring it's still pretty swollen, it doesn't hurt and it's not over sensitive anymore but that part of the skin is hard and it's annoying and uncomfortable without mentioning that it looks so bad.

Two weeks ago I had an issue with an erection, the skin from underneath got broken, I don't know if that contributes to the swelling of the ring.

Another problem I've had is that when erected, the skin feels kind of tight but I don't know if that's because of the swelling.

Can anyone tell me if this prolonged swelling is normal? And when will it go away?

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It is still early days and the scar tissue will feel tight, hopefully with time it will become more supple. At this point I would try and avoid erections. Following my Op' I would wear tight pants to try and keep everything still. I was advised to keep a spray bottle with cold water in to use 'in case of emergency'. As ever if you are concerned or in pain go back to the Doc. Good luck

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