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Thin ejaculation

So I'm just writing a post for my boyfriend. When me and my boyfriend have sex his ejaculation has no colour to it (its clear) and the consistency is like water. I am very worried and he reuses to go to the doctor about it as he says it sometimes is thicker. I am just worried about his health. I know he masturbates quite a lot when I'm not around his house. He 22 years old and even though we aren't planning to have children we would like some in future years to come, I worry that this issue will lower our chances of convincing. If anyone has any knowledge on this issue i would find it helpful.

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I expect this just represents his frequency of ejaculating. See what the quality of his ejaculate is after 3 days without sex or masturbation.

If he is really worried still then he could organise a semen count with his doctor, but again that does require at least 3 days abstention

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