no sperm release

my name is daniel and am 25 years old. i have not have sex before and release, i have only had sex once when i was 21 yrs old. and i did not release any thing. though i use to feel like i want to release but still nothing use to come out. when i dream, sometimes i use to find myself romancing a girl, within 1-2 minutes i will release on my body. but recently i had a new girl friend who always use her hands to romance my pennis and expects me to release sperm. but still to no avail. i normally feel like i want to release sperm, but later nothing will come out. its really embarrassing and not good. now the girl have start to notice that i dont use to release.

what should i do?

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  • Do you mean that you have no ejaculate when you masturbate even though you feel you have an orgasm?

    If so this could be retrograde ejaculation ie. it is travelling back into the bladder.

    If so it may be worth seeing a doctor

  • i do have ejaculation. very well

  • I don't understand what you are saying then. Do you mean you don't reach orgasm when you are having sex with a girl

  • no i do reach , but i dont release sperm. i dont use release sperm

  • i only use to see myself wet when i wake up

  • But if you masturbate, do you ejaculate on orgasm?

  • yes

  • This all sounds normal then. It all works. I don't understand what the problem is

    Is it that you don't reach orgasm and ejaculate when a girl masturbates you?

  • no its not it. i dont use to see any sperm when i have sex

  • I still don't understand - you won't see sperm when you have sex as the ejaculate will be in the girls vagina. Can you explain more clearly

  • no like when a girl sucks my pennis, not even to have sex with her. when she sucks my pennis, atleast am suppose to see sperm when i reach orgasm , but i dont use to see any

  • I expect you have not reached orgasm then, but if you are feeling OK there is no problem with this - and it saves some mess!

  • Sounds like this fella is not familiar with whole sexual intercourse and ejaculation thing.

    Just enjoy sex fella:-) don't get hang up on seeing sperm.

  • When you masterbate then you will see sperm but when you have intercourse you ejaculate into the vagina when you withdraw your penis it will be wet

  • when i masturbate, i dont see sperm, when i also have sex, i dont see any sperm atall. talk more of getting wet.

  • W

  • Hi Daniel. Don't get so worried. From what you've written in your post and your replies to questions, you've got a brilliant new girlfriend who is intent on pleasuring you in many different ways. I agree with Drongo. Spend more time enjoying what she is doing to you sexually and far less time worrying about what does or doesn't come out of your penis.

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