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Help your admin!

We've got over 2000 people on this forum now which is great news. Thanks everyone for your contributions. As an admin, I prefer a light touch - I've only ever deleted a handful of posts. But I am a bit worried about some of the advice given with some posts even suggesting particular drugs and treatments. I don't want to stop those who are genuinely qualified from making useful suggestions but at the same time unless you're genuinely qualified, in my view, it would be better if we stuck to discussing our personal experiences. I'd be interested in all your views about how best to moderate this. Thanks very much.

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Jim, I somewhat agree with the comment that posters are sometimes recommending particular treatments that may be unsuitable but if something works for one person is it not worth passing on that experience ?

Also, if a post is deleted is the 'poster' informed why ?

Thanks for your input on the Forum.


Thanks Jaglad. I think that's where I'm trying to draw the line - between sharing experience and pretending to be medics. For me, it's OK to say I tried X and it was good for me, it's not OK to say you should take drug Z if you're not qualified to make that suggestion (and if you are qualified you're unlikely to do it anyway since you'll understand that you can't diagnose on the basis of a couple of posts).

I don't explain deletions, I must admit, but I think if you saw the ones I'd deleted you'd understand why!

What does everyone else think?


Being a registered nurse I have noticed a number of answers as you have mentioned. On occasions I did coment about these discouraging persons taking prescripion medicines prescribed for others. I believe I can help from my professional background but I am not aware if thos is allowed or not from your side. I would be greatful if you comment in this regard. Obviously this would be on voluntary bases to help whoever is in need of information.

Thanks Noel FORMOSA


I agree. Keep things safe.


Thank you for sharing the message!


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