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tight foreskin

ok so hi im kenan im 14 and i think i have a problem with my foreskin , i have done research already about stretches but i just want some extra advise.

when im flaccid i can barely get to half way down my head and when im erect it wont retract at all, (i still see the head)

Ive had this for a while since i was about 11, i want to try and make sure that its just a part of puberty and that i will be able to retract it over time and not be a problem in the future.

any advice is appreciated


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Hi Kenan,

The best advice I can give you is to speak to your parents about this and go see a doctor as they will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and give you advice to help deal with this. If you've already tried stretching and it's not working it may just be a case of getting circumcised, which is not as scary as it sounds. I had the same issue as you from around the same age, 11, I got circumcised at 20 years old and I regret leaving it so long (I'm only 21 now).

That's all I can suggest to help! But make sure you speak to your parents about it and they will take you to see a doctor. Don't be embarrassed or worried, doctors are there to deal with issues like this, they see them all the time!

Good luck!



Thanks Daniel for the advice :)

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you can buy a mild steroid cream over the counter (hydrocortisone) or get stronger betnovate from your doctor which will help it stretch more easily and hopefully avoid surgery


This is a common issue on here and most advise the gentle stretching and possibly steroid creams. But, I have to say at your age you really should not be worrying about it. I could not pull back until I was in my Twenties, then it came back naturally whilst having sex with my wife to be. Retracting was not so easy at the time. But that is another story ! As others have said, if you really are worried go and see your Doc.

Good Luck


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