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are my balls and nerves in it ok?

Are my nuts and nerves in it ok?

ok so when i was hit in balls i think something happend to my nerves becuase when you think about having sex you feel pleasure on both sides of body in kidneys and abdomen(some where there) and when i masturbate i felt pleasure on one side and orgasm in one side. one day i was sitting in chair and playing when i was forcing my legs becuase i was stressed i think something happend to my balls becuase now i feel pleasure on right side and a bit in leftside.

Also when i masturbate now i dont feel pleasure. i just feel it when the sperm is about to come out and not that much pleasure any suggestion??

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Strange one this. Not something I have heard of. Best suggestion would be to lay off any sexual activity for a few days and see if there is any change. If there is no improvement or you are worried I would advise seeing a Doctor. Sorry cannot be of much help.

Good Luck.


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