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16, dry skin

Hello, In the past 2-3 days the tip of my foreskin has all of a sudden hardened and the head of my penis has hardened a little bit as well, and when I touch it, it feels as if its growing another layer of skin that needs to be shed.

All of a sudden pulling my foreskin down has gotten a bit harder. It's not at the point where I can't retract it, it just feels a lot tighter.

I want to know how to stop this dry skin, I am too scared to talk to a family member about it

Update: 1am (can't get to sleep because I'm worried). I pulled back my foreskin all the way (forcefully) and notice the head of my penis goes smooth and when I let go as if i just pulled it back and left it, it goes scaled (wrinkled looking a bit) keep in mind this has only just recently happened in past 2-3 days and I have not had sex since last year october or done anything sexual with another girl

Update: 1:06am. Skin has started to peel off on the head of my penis and also on my foreskin!! Please help

So I've searched up and it's apparently normal for old skin to be peeling off on the head of my penis, which is a relief. Apparently I should just peel it off if it's hanging off?

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Sounds like you've a mild bacterial or fungal infection or a mild allergic reaction to maybe a new soap or shower gel. Try a moisturiser like e45 or a mild antiseptic or antifungal cream. If it's not resolved in a few days speak to your medical professional or pop into a sexual health clinic to get it checked. If you leave it your foreskin may tighten up and you'll end up with phimosis.


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