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Post Circumcision: Sensitivity

Hey everybody,

So it been 2 full days since my circumcision and I'm already noticing improvement! However, this morning I woke up at 5am to find my bandage falling off, so I took off my bandage for the first time and decided to see my progress and update on my progress on here! (Note: the reason why I'm doing this is because I am extremely anxious about my recovery and I am worried about making a mistake during the recovery process and causing damage, so I feel like posting my progress will help guide myself through recovery with the help of people on this site also!)

So, after looking at my penis for the first time since the circumcision, I'm happy to say it looked decent. It was still swollen and was actually badly bruised behind the head of the penis but other than that I was relatively happy. However, I wasn't too sure whether or not to re-bandage... so to be safe, I visited the doctors. The doctor said that it looked like it was healing well and that I shouldn't be so worried but he did re-bandage my penis up and told me to wait another 2-3 days to shower. He also said I won't need another bandage after this one falls off. Despite the good news that everything seems to be doing well and that, actually, I'm not in that much pain, I'm still very anxious about the recovery. I'm finding it hard to know when and how to approach the transition from bandages to wearing no bandages... When I think of no bandages so many things come into my mind:

What if the stitches get caught and break?

What about the sensitivity? Will I be able to cope with the whole all of my head being exposed?

When do I know for sure that I don't need the bandages anymore and that I'm ok to take a shower?

I have received some great advice from my first post, which I will and have used the advice, but I'm just afraid that if I take off the bandages to early, I'll cause damage. If anyone can give any tips on transitioning/preparing/have any knowledge or experience on this, I would find it very helpful.

Thank you

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I am glad that everything is healing okay! There are many things to be anxious about but a lot of them are very rare and many people make full and complete recoveries without any serious issues.

It is very unlikely that your stitches will get caught and break, I was just very unfortunate, but it is uncommon for them to break unless they weren't done very well. The doctor told you that everything looks to be healing fine, which is good :).

Yes, you will be able to cope with the whole head being exposed. After time the head skin becomes slightly thicker which means you lose some of the sensitivity of it, but it does not affect you when having sex or at least I haven't found it does anyway - I found it made sex more enjoyable!

If the doctor re bandaged your penis for another 2-3 days, follow his advice and take the bandages off after 3 days, after that you should be fine to allow the air to get to it and let the scabs start to form, it is not a race on who can heal the quickest, healing takes time but after 2-3 days you should be okay to keep the banadgaes off. The best thing to do is soak the bandages off in a shallow bath and do not pull them off, you will pull scabs off if they have formed! Soak it over about 10-15 minutes and ease the bandages off, they will come off after soaking.

I hope everything goes well for you!



Thank you for your help again Daniel! I appreciate the help again and you're advice has been incredible :)

I also have a quick question!

When you took the bandages off how did you approach the sensitivity issue? I know you said you wore lose fitting clothing at first and then transitioned to tighter fitted clothing when you were working/went out, but did you do anything else? I heard that there is a cream that is quite good for the sensitivity and that people wore condoms? I don't know if any of these worked but just wanted to know how you approached it :)

Thank you

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You're welcome! :). I just wore loose fitting clothing, and rubbed the head of my penis with a small amount vasaline as it stops the head drying out and keeps mositure, but after a couple of weeks when you get used to it you can stop applying vasaline.

Only apply vasaline to the head of the penis, try not to go over the scar line as it will make it moist and slow down healing.



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